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Your Hell is in the Plan

Let nothing be wasted when it comes to pain, trials, tribulation, and warfare in the spirit. Pain is never in our spiritual lives for nothing, there is always a reason. The pain in Joseph's life in the book of Genesis stands out as a great example. Sold by his brothers, a slave, accused of rape, imprisoned, and left for dead. Wow. God has left the building, or so it seems. Sometimes what others call judgment is positioning.

The reason that God's ways are higher than ours is He sees from a different vantage point. His vision is unlimited, ours is short-sighted at best.

Joseph was not cut off from God, he was being positioned. When we have an issue in our body sometimes surgery is needed. You are cut, things are moved, replaced, or added for your health. A scar is left as a reminder that sometimes the need for pain is a necessity to be healthy. Joseph could not mature at his dad's. He was 17 years old, proud, and full of dreams. Esteemed more than his siblings and was hated by them.

You will have to have life experiences humble you. Pain is the great positioner. The navigator. What you could see as unfair could be FAVOR! God has not left you to die. If you get bitter you will kill the blessing. Joseph could not have been put in a position of power being bitter, he would have killed his brothers and destroyed the tribes needed to receive the promised land. Our bitterness can hinder our destiny.

We must forgive, but first, see the FAVOR of God in your life. What tried to kill you made you! You are stronger, humbler, and more thankful because of the journey. God did not make them hurt you, but he will turn the pain into a promise. God will work it all for good. I would of delivered Joseph from the pit or broken him out of the prison. By doing so I would have made a nation die in a draught! God knows what he is doing. Your story is not over. Be BETTER, not bitter. ~ Brandon Houseworth


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