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Unanswered Prayers Are Best

When you pray and ask God for something specific we can be hurt because it did not come out as we prayed. A marriage that did not work out. You saved yourself for that special someone and they cheated. The job fell through. Someone was disloyal that you trusted. 

We all have them, prayers that seem unanswered. We have to remember God loves us and wants what is best. The best prayers are those God did better. 

God knows best and he is looking out for you! There is not a war going on with God because you want what is best and he wants to short change you. God knows all and wants what is the best for your life. When God does not answer as we want He gives us a better answer. He moves things for our good. Many times we pray prayers that are not the best, however we have a Father in heaven that loves us. He will change situations for our good. He manipulates for your miracle. 

Do not get bitter thinking God does not hear your prayers! He hears and is working it all out for better. 


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