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Power Question: What do I really want?

This question is so important but before you answer may I warn you, what you think you want may not be what you really want. Let me explain.

****If all you want is a beach and sun it may not end well*********

I have heard people say all I want is a beach and some sun. They say they want to lay on a beach and just relax. No calls, no meetings or responsibilities! Just relax and not be bothered. Really? So you want to waste away on a beach with no relationships, no goals, no aspirations, no decisions and no surprises? Sounds like you are dead not living the dream!

>>>>>Dead Dreams and Dead Goals<<<<<<<<<<<<

If that is your goal then you probably have not thought it through enough. That is a vacation but not a life! Living is full of surprises, decisions, relationships and aspirations. The question should be what will make me feel fulfilled on my death bed? What is it that you want to see when your life is almost over? Who do you want around you? What fulfills you the most?

We will look deeper at this next week but remember to be sure you look at all angles when writing life goals. Sometimes we do not think about all the consequences.

Talk soon,

B. Houseworth

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