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Become Blind to Distractions

They are everywhere! Emails, calls, text, meetings with no goal.........on and on. Distractions take the passion out of life and your journey. They get us off course and cause us to be weighted down. Here are a few tips to remove them.

1. Check email once a day at a set time ( Don't cheat)

2. Put a do not disturb sign on your door if possible during pick hours

3. Do your most important work at your peak hours when you are alert and focused, this is usually in early morning

4. Each day look at your schedule and remove time wasters

5. Stay focused on three main goals for the day! This helps you not to get overwhelmed or fragmented

High level achievers remove distractions at their peak hours, they stay focused. When telling someone not now set a time if necessary when you will be free. Your future depends on it! Distractions kill dreams, goals and destinies!


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